Feel Bliss – Pleasure – Connection - Intimacy

  • Become a conscious and fulfilled lover
  • Increase intimacy and passion in your relationship
  • Combine Sacred Sexuality and Spirituality in intimate bliss
  • Enhance your relationship and enjoy intimate heart connection
  • Women connect with your feminine essence and enjoy sensual Tantric practices & blissful orgasms
  • Men learn Tantric skills to enhance your sexual control and prolong your pleasure together
  • Men experience prolonged ejaculation control and enhance virility long term
  • Couples and people of every sexual orientation and gender can learn Tantric massage, Tantric techniques and breath work to increase their pleasure
  • Your own individualised “50 Shades of” Session and a variety of others that incorporate a “Mistress” of sensory deprivation, sensual bondage, BDSM massage and Couples massage
  • Sexological Bodywork sessions including prostate massage for health or Kink sessions, Bondassage Sessions, Elysium Sessions and So Much More. . .

Welcome to Temple Tantra

I can help you discover and experience more passion and pleasure in your life; how to ignite more intimacy; how to feel and experience a deeper love connection with yourself, your partner and The Divine. Tantra can give you all this and so much more! I invite you to allow me be your guide on this exciting journey!

I will teach you Tantric techniques that will improve your sexual relationship on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. You will become the conscious lover your intimate partner is longing for. You will be able to love yourself and your partner to openness and enjoy delicious orgasms and tantric play on your journey together.

I assist Men to discover and master the power of ejaculation control which will help them last longer while making love. Men can also experience a powerful full body orgasm which will forever change how you view your sexual experience.

Women can learn to relax more and connect deeper into their sensual and erotic energy and to enjoy blissful orgasms and the delicious pleasures your body has for you.

Through the Tantric sessions you will feel at a deeper level and you will experience the pleasure of Tantra Massage – receiving and learning how to give one!


  • My first impression of Ixchel was a kind and gentle soul who was spiritually aware and emotionally present. During our post workshop sessions over the next 7 weeks I further discovered Ixchel's wonderful shamanic, healing and psychic talents.   Together we explored various avenues of erotic and conventional massage, spiritual healing and our focussed discussions were enlightening and most insightful. Ixchel is an extremely generous, peace loving and wise spiritual teacher and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone seeking exploration in any of these domains.
    42, Brisbane
  • When I first committed to your Tantric Progam I was inquisitive, attracted by the possibility of improved intimacy and sexual relationship, yet slightly skeptical even though I was trying to maintain an open mind. I believe with what I've learned I would be a better lover and partner when I'm in a new relationship. What I can say to my real surprise, is the noticeable improvement in my well being, self control and awareness, both inner and outer. Thank you Ixchel.
    59, Maroochydore
  • Wow, I can't tell you how great I felt yesterday and last night after my last session. I'm so glad I did them all with you. From what I've learned in the tantra sessions I know I'll be a better lover now and have more control. I was just tingling all over yesterday. I've never felt anything like it before. It was amazing.
    62, Brisbane
  • Many times now I have to keep pinching myself that this has all come true. I am really happy with the improvements in my love life. Things seem to get better and better. My partner wants me more and more and the compliments, well I have to try and stay grounded and not let my ego get carried away. All of the physical things now falling into place have also allowed us to connect at a much deeper emotional level. I am very happy that I used Tantra to allow me to open up my life and give me the confidence I need and to allow me to feel like a man again.
    45, Caloundra
  • I recently attended a Tantra session with Ixchel, what I can say it has to have been one of the best experiences I have ever had. Ixchel made me very welcome and at ease with myself, the surroundings where perfect to relax in. The session itself made me feel totally at ease with myself, I had a warm feeling all over and more relaxed than I have ever been. I could have stayed there for hours as I felt totally stress free and at one with myself. It felt very sensual and passionate, the feeling when at full body orgasm was immense, I was shaking all over with the best feeling I have ever had. I would recommend anyone to Ixchel, the most wonderful experience and I would happily visit her again.
    33, Perth
  • Profound is the first word that comes to mind when I think about my first visit to see Ixchel...I made my first appointment curious to sample what Tantra had to offer, but at the same time a little sceptical... However I like to think I have a very open mind, so I went along with that attitude. And I am certainly glad I did. At the age of 52 I have had quite a few fantastic experiences both sexual and sensually but my first Tantric massage experience was simply incredible.
    52, Perth