“Trust Your Heart, Speak Your Truth & Live with Passion” (Ixchel)

I have a passionate and loving nature and nurturing and caring heart. I honour and respect all on their individual journey. As I work with Divine Love, Light and Energy I can support you on your journey towards more connection, awareness, passion and pleasure in your life and relationships. Through my guided Tantric sessions you will experience more passion, connection and a feeling of balance, contentment and fulfillment.

I welcome individual men and women and also couples to experience how Tantra can enhance your life and relationships.

People of all sexual orientation, age and ability are welcome and invited to learn with me and to connect on a deeper level. Everyone is treated with love and respect in a safe and supportive sacred space.

I am able to assist you to connect with your deepest desires, to move through any blocks or fears whether they are sexual, physical or emotional and assist you to feel lighter, more relaxed and flowing with passion, pleasure and appreciation of your amazing, abundant life. When you allow yourself to choose healing and health, I can act as a channel to assist you to release fears and past life programs and to move on with freedom and more balance in your life.

I have many years of experience in healing energy work and bodywork. I have worked with many advanced teachers in the field of spiritual healing, bodywork and Tantric arts. My studies and blessings include Tantra, Kundalini Release, Pranic and Past Life Healings, Energy and Shamanic Healings, Channeling and Psychic Healing, Life Coaching, Kinesiology, Bush Flower Essences, Ka Huna (Hawaiian), Sweedish and Remedial Massage. I have enjoyed Kundalini Dance with Leyolah Antara (Byron Bay).

I have studied with some of the worlds leading erotic and somatic educators, such as Joseph Kramer Ph. D. (California) and Ellen Head Ph.D. (Canada); Kenneth Ray Stubbs Ph.D. and Margot Anand.

I have also studied and worked with The Australian School of Tantra (Diane & Kerry Riley). I have completed a Radical Ecstasy Workshop with Dossie Easton (USA).

I am a qualified Sexological Bodyworker; a qualified Tantra Practitiioner and qualified Bondassage & Elysium Practitioner.

temple tantra australia

Passion & Pleasure with Ease & Flow

temple tantra australia